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LDC Online Guest User Agreement

LDC-Online is designed to provide you and other LDC members with convenient access to LDC data for research purposes. In many cases, our agreements with information providers require that each individual researcher agree explicitly to certain conditions before gaining access to the data. Therefore, we request that you carefully read the terms and conditions of this license before clicking on the "accept" button below. When you click the "accept" button you are consenting to be bound by and are becoming a party to this agreement. If you do not agree to all of the terms of this agreement, click the "do not accept" button and do not use the software.

The Linguistic Data Consortium grants to you a license to use this data subject to the following understandings, terms and conditions:

  1. Permitted Uses.
    1. This data may only be used for non-commercial linguistic education, research and technology development.
    2. Small excerpts of text or audio data from LDC-Online materials may be displayed to others or published in a scientific or technical context, solely for the purpose of describing the research and related issues. Statistics and other summaries of LDC-Online materials may also be published in the same context. Except for such publication of small excerpts or statistical summaries in scientific or technical works, neither LDC-Online materials themselves, nor access to them, may be sold or transferred to others.
  2. Access by Individuals affiliated with an LDC Member organization.
    1. To access this data, you must be a staff member, faculty, student, consultant, or individual providing service or doing research at an organization that is a member of the LDC, and you must agree to the terms and provisions of your organization's Membership agreement. You must terminate your access when these conditions no longer apply.
  3. Copyright.
    1. Except as specifically permitted above the display, reproduction, transmission, distribution or publication of the these databases is prohibited.
    2. Violations of this agreement may result in suspension of access to LDC Online and legal liability.